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Even from her sofa COSMOS takes her to fantastic places, exploring and learning amazing things. The only downside is she may not be back for tea.

HotCat™ and Hide The Shark™ partnered up for this whirlwind through a little girls imagination. Using the Chroma-Key techniques we've used on many of Bafta nominated BBC series HotCat™ People have worked on in the past, this little film takes the 1970's series Mr Ben as it's central conceit.  A little piece of Magic.

"Hotcat have the technical abilities to make the impossible possible. As well as being first class storytellers and visual wizards they also bring a huge knowledge base, commitment and energy to every project. Full marks from us for being all round top geezers and great to work with."

Toby Farrow - Hide The Shark

Services Provided



Visual Effects Supervision


Camera operation

Visual FX

Web Compression

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